Sunday, December 27, 2009

Searching for hope...

Two nights after the blasts at Moon Market in Lahore I traveled to Karachi for the Acumen Fund PK Community & Investor Gathering. The timing was perfect because I was consumed by the attacks in Lahore yet couldn’t really find an outlet for my thoughts, which were a tangled web of confusion, stress, curiosity and antagonism towards that which attempts to disrupt any semblance of peace.

I found hope in the AFPK CIG. Individuals from a slew of industries came together to learn about and support entrepreneurial efforts and thinking, related to business solutions for the poor. It seems as though, qualified by my conversations with friends & colleagues in PK & readings, that given the current socio-political environment the time to actively support strong leadership & ingenuity is now; waiting another day may be a day too late.

A nod to the PK Fellows, Asim & Zahoor, for their friendship, inspiring words during the AFPK CIG Fellows presentation and for being the first to really listen to me about my thoughts per the ongoing deadly events throughout cities in PK – they put in all in perspective.

One day I hope to share an opinion (link to an interesting Op – “[PK] A Decade of Living Dangerously”) about all that I am learning, experiencing, and feeling about PK; to the end that at least one person in PK and another in some other location in the world, think, just for a moment, a little differently about life’s circumstances, acknowledge & appreciate the world views of others and maybe even decide to do something that might bring peace, justice and multifaceted prosperity to themselves and others. Just cuz it’s (pick your “it”) profoundly complicated doesn’t mean it’s impossible to change.


  1. You are not just finding hope - you are helping to create it. Thank you for your courage.

  2. I love your last sentence; so true. I also enjoyed the link to the opinion you shared (quite a history lesson!). Look forward to reading future blog posts.